Broadway B

Pop/R&B Artist


“Faded To Famous” is all about the journey towards making something better out of yourself. It all starts with realizing that maybe you’ve been going way too “Crazy” on the partying, and deciding it’s time to get “Back to the Ca$h.” With nothing more than a dream of being “Famous” and the realization of all the blood, sweat, and tears it will take to one day walk the “Red Carpet,” anything is possible. You will encounter some haters along the way, but if you simply tell them “Adios” and continue on your way, great things can happen. Thank you for listening! To download any of these tracks and support the movement at the same time, you can buy the mixtape HERE.


This EP is all about having fun! But, as we all know, indulging in a good time, often comes with consequences. After one becomes “Jaded when it comes to love” they often embrace #TeamSingle and everything that goes along with that — getting Faded, having people Fly Out to party, meeting someone at the club and asking them Your Place Or Mine? But it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes you’re Taking Ls, and sometimes you wake up and have No Idea what happened the night before. Eventually, we often realize, yea it’s cool to Kick It, but is the price worth all the drama?


The “JADED” EP tells a man’s story as he tries to navigate his way through different phases of dating. LISTEN as he goes from meeting a woman he’s very attracted to physically (No Angel) to getting accidentally caught up lol (Starter Kit) to falling for her (Gravity) to constantly arguing with her (Background) to breaking up with her and then regretting it (Too Little, Too Late) to being completely over love in general (Jaded). Take it all in and feel free to comment! Thanks for listening! To add any of these tracks to your favorite playlist or to show support for the cause, downloads are available HERE.
















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