Broadway B

Pop/R&B Artist

Broadway B is a pop/r&b singer whose mission is to create tracks that are inspired by real life and to deliver nothing but great music. He currently lives in Los Angeles, but you may notice some East Coast flavor in his style, inspired by his North Carolina upbringing. It was in high school that he discovered that he could put lyrics together in such a way that would impress everyone who was around to hear.  This is why he fell in love with rap and started his career in music as a rapper. But, everyone who knew he had been singing since the age of 5, always told him, “sing more!” Finally, after some heartbreak, he had something to sing about and decided to switch his style, and return to his first love — singing!  That’s how his newest project G.P.S. came about. Stay tuned, because there are still plenty of great things to come!
To schedule Broadway B for a show, to have him featured on a song, or to MC events, you may contact him by email:

You can also find him on instagram, facebook, and twitter 


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