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Soundcloud Scavenger Hunt

Win $50 by being the first one to email the right answers to the following questions. The answers can be found within Broadway B songs, so go to and listen to find the correct responses. Email your answers to Be the first to get everything right, and we’ll paypal, venmo, or square you $50… OR…mail you a $50 gift card of your choice…it’s up to you! It’s that simple. Good luck! (People I’ve collaborated on songs with are not eligible)

1) I met a girl in Atlanta that I told to fly out. What restaurant was she coming out of?

2) If you were my side piece and you play your cards right, what could happen for you?

3) I’m sidelined, so I put in extra practice to get off the bench, but the stench of what smacked me?

4) She woke up next to me so, even though I have no idea what happened,  I’m assuming I went what?

5) It can get crazy, so you should back up and give us what?

6) Now, I just wanna get paid, but what did I receive on Christmas morning growing up?

7) I’m jaded, so when relationships get serious, I clear out because I saw what?

8) I’m telling all the haters “adios,” but still my feet are stuck to the ground, and I’m backtracking like I’m doing what famous dance?

9) Instead of me taking L’s, what should be happening?

10) I’m reppin’ team single, so where will you find me?

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